Types of Natural Gas Strainers

Strainers are vital devices used in the process of natural gas and oil filtration. These devices are specifically used to separate the impurities, dirt, and debris from the liquid. They work like a filtering element to remove the solid particles and other unwanted elements so that they do not enter the system. Thus, filtering them out saves the expensive pipeline equipment such as engines, pumps, nozzles and heat exchangers from contamination and potential damage.

Y Strainers

There are different types of natural gas strainers depending on the specific purpose of treatment and need of the company. Most of these elements are mainly made of copper and aluminum due to their corrosion resistance capacity. While they come in different shapes and designs, they can also be customized to meet the special requirements of the filtration process. Strainers may be made for both residential and industrial requirements.

Different types of strainers are designed to work in different ways. While some can completely block the liquid from passing through, there are others that only block the filter particles and allow the liquid to pass. These functions can be controlled with the help of a handle. Strainers require proper maintenance to work well, and the filtered particles in the strainer should be cleaned thoroughly. There are basically three main types of strainers, and they are:

  • Y-strainer
  • Duplex basket-type strainer
  • T-type basket strainers

The Y-strainer is the most commonly used strainer in the industrial applications, and it is named so because of its Y-form appearance. This strainer is mainly used for pressurized lines, gas, liquid, steam and other suction/ vacuum situation. This type of strainer is mainly used in applications where there is a need for small size solid particles to be separated. They don’t need to be cleaned so frequently.

The Duplex basket-type strainers are made for the strong applications. They are designed to ensure easy cleaning without disturbing the filtration process.  The T-type basket strainers are the third most important type of strainers available, and they are mainly used in pipeline systems to increase the efficiency.

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Video About Strainers

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