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How the effects of gout and uric acid affect your joints

The effects of uric acid on the joints is crucial. It can lead to permanent damage if left unresolved. Excessive amounts of uric acid will promote symptoms, which can later lead to gout and gouty symptoms. The most common symptoms of gout or uric acid build up is pain and inflammation.

This can make the joints turn purple or red in color, they appear swollen and the throbbing pain in the joints makes it hard for individuals to sleep at night.  Most attacks affect the joints late at night. On this site you can read about how uric acid develops and the effects it has on the joint not addressed properly.  A gout supplement can be very helpful for managing the symptoms of high uric acid.

Someone who has had uric acid crystals in the blood for a long period of time and has not addressed the issue may develop tophi. This is a bumpy, nodule that can be found near the joints in areas like the fingers, elbows and toes. Some individuals have claimed that these nodules are not painful, unless a gout attack has occurred.

Uric acid can build up in the blood because of purines (see This is a substance that is found in the cells of our body. It is also in the foods we eat, like red meats, anchovies, shellfish, organ meats, or even alcohol. The over consumption of purines can promote uric acid to accumulate in the blood, which can make problems later.

Everyone is supposed to have uric acid in their body, but there is only a certain amount that is considered healthy. The normal amount of uric acid is supposed to pass through the blood, kidneys and out through urination. If this cycle is interrupted, then uric acid builds up- which can lead to gout in the future. To see a list of gout supplements that do not worsen the effects of uric acid build up please visit

This is because the portion of uric acid that did not discharge the body accumulates and creates uric acid crystals. The crystals lead to painful symptoms and can even damage the joints.

Uric acid in the body can change at any point and time. It primarily depends on the foods we eat and how often we consume alcohol. Certain medicines can also boost the amount of uric acid in the body.