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How can I reduce the dark marks on my cats eyes

Cats and dogs are two different animals. Cats purr, dogs bark, some are big some are small. Dogs are walked on a leash; very few cats want to be walked on a leash. We could spend hours explaining the differences between the two, but one health concern they have in common is they can develop tear stains. Tear stains are developed for one of the following reasons:

  1. Blocked tear ducts that promote the drainage of tears
  2. Short eyes and a prominent nose (facial features)
  3. A natural abnormal product of tears
  4. Hair that enters the eyes and absorbs tears (hair overgrowth)

At home care can be used on your cat to improve the look of these stains near their eyes. There are some products that are marketed for both cats and dogs of all breeds. Products like Tearplex have been marketed to help reduce both old and new stains. To learn more about Tearplex, please visit

Tear stain supplements are not only promoted to reduce old and new stains, some may also prevent the development of future stains. These products are sold online for different amounts. Some products can retail for less than $50. These products are more affordable than those that retail for over $50. Products that also offer purchase specials are some of the best options. To find out more about tear stain supplements, and how much they retail for, please visit

When using supplements, you may want to get instant results. You can use a tear stain remover to offer instant short term results. Tear stain removers that can also be used with supplements include:

  1. A warm, cloth or wipes you can buy from retail stores to cleanse hair near eyes
  2. Trimming the hair near eyes
  3. Washing your cat with a tear stain removal shampoo or conditioner

Majority of cats hate water, so washing them with shampoos and conditioners may be complicated. That is why using supplements are easy options. They can be placed in your cat’s food. They unconsciously ingest the substance and their eyes will be improved in a matter of weeks.